The annual dues will remain $425, and are payable on the 1st of January.  However, they are not considered late until the 15th of March.  Please do not hesitate to contact your Board and/or the Management Company if you find yourself in a circumstance that requires personal attention.

Dues can be paid in a variety of ways, including online via credit cards, although there will be a bank charged convenience fee, by BillPay through your online banking system, or by mailing a check to the management company office.  Click on the link below to determine which option is best for you. 


You will need information from your assessment invoice in order to complete this request. The management company ID is 6597. The Association ID is the 2 or 3 letters at the beginning of your Property Account ID#. If you have your account number but don't have your invoice handy, call customer service at

Alliance Association Financial Services 888-734-4567. If you don't have your account number, you may request it by email [email protected] - include your name and address in request.

OTHER PAYMENT OPTIONS: You can pay via your online banking system. Make the check payable to your HOA (not to All-in-One), include your property account number (can find on your coupon/invoice or late notice, and mail to: “Your HOA Name”, c/o All-in-One Community Mgmt, PO Box 97753, Las Vegas, NV 89193-7753.

PAYMENT AT OUR OFFICE: We accept any kind of checks (personal, bank, money order payable to your HOA) in our office, but cannot accept cash or debit/credit cards. Email [email protected] with questions or for directions to our office.


The winter hit the area hard, and in addition to the pipes freezing, we lost many bushes at the front entrances and around the pool.  They have been replaced, and we have put in place an aggressive neighborhood beautification plan which includes all of the Common Areas.  We have seen many improvements to the neighborhood this past year, and planning for more this year.  

The Board has already drafted a Code of Ethics to be included in the bylaws, instituted the Community Awareness program, and is currently drafting amendments to the Covenants, applying to the 'Adopt a Mile' program, as well as implementing a Neighborhood Watch program.  More information from Cobb County concerning a Neighborhood Watch program can be found at this link:  he


Cobb County Police Department Crime Prevention


Board of Directors